Friday, April 5, 2013

"E" is for "Express Thanks"

There is a different between muttering a reflexive "thanks" and really focusing on making a connection with whomever you want to know you appreciate.  Part of my life 'shake down' helped me truly remember my Mother's teaching by example that we are all human beings and deserving of being seen as such.  I have also found that this is one area where the concept of Karma can be seen in action. 
Try this experiment:  Tomorrow when you get your morning coffee from the barrista look at him/her.
See the PERSON not the job and share a smile and THANK YOU. 
Even if the service sucks and your coffee takes an extra 20 seconds, do it. 
Actually do it ESPECIALLY if the service sucks and your coffee is slow in coming. 
Imagine that the young woman who is foaming your latte has just learned her beloved pet has terminal cancer, but came to work anyway because she has to pay her rent and the vet bills. 
Imagine the middle aged man (who you suspect is the owner of the franchise but who still makes the coffee) is stressed because two of his employees have strep throat. 
Give the person MOST in need, a smile and a sincere nod of gratitude. 
You will improve that person's day . . . and I guarantee, you will improve your day as well.


  1. Hi! Visiting from the #atozchallenge.
    When I read the title, I thought you meant express as in speedy. I was pleasantly surprised to read your post and discover that you were actually talking about the exact opposite. Great advice.

  2. A friend of mine once said we should be kind to everyone, even if they're rude. Because, in his words, "Their spouse may have just left them. Or--their spouse may have just come back." Makes me smile, this.

    Sincerity and gratitude are potent agents for change. Thanks for the timely reminder.

    E: Edging Toward Home

  3. completely agree & wrote a similar post a couple of years ago. looking into a persons eyes, you acknowledge they are a person, not just a worker.

    happy e day!

    and thank you =)

  4. I agree completely. Just smiling at someone can make their day and also makes you feel better

  5. Thank you for such a great post. I do try to be as kind as possible to others because I would like to be treated kindly too. :)