Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for "Accept Differences"

Okay, because I tend to follow good suggestions and I found a blogging challenge on Slappy in the Face's blog, I joined up to  . . . . my family can hear me screaming:  "Me too!  Me too!".  So I have signed up to do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  Rather than depend on my slightly busy and addled brain to come up with something for each letter, I am borrowing the alphabet from the lovely plaque I purchased shortly after the end of my marriage and which has hung in my living room since.

So, today is "Accept Differences" . . .

My girlchild has observed that "there are so many different people . . . everywhere. . . wow. . . they are sooo incredibly beautiful."  Yeah, she's smart that way.  She and her friends are amazing . . . they are creative, funny and willing to be themselves.

It gives me faith in the future and hope for the next generation when I see these young people.  They are funny, charming and as different as snowflakes.

I think that Christian traditions talk about and 'a child shall lead them'.  To that I (who professes no religious affiliation, but who is firmly embraced by the Spirit that is the Universe) say:  Let's follow these children.  Love unconditionally.  Judge no one's choices.  Be PRESENT.  Show up for life and LIVE IT.


  1. Wonderful message. There's hope for the future when children understand what is important in life. Accept and appreciate differences!

    Best wishes on the challenge!


  2. I love this post and the plaque. It is amazing what our children teach us

  3. Hi! I decided to check out your blog when I saw the (PR), since that's my favorite category too, though I write a little bit of everything including short stories. I love the plaque, and it's a great idea for your A-Z theme! I like the messages it conveys. I'm doing mine on gratitude, little things I am thankful for. Stop by for a visit at Two Shoes in Texas if you're in the neighborhood!:-)
    Also, if you turn of the "captcha" word verification thing, it makes it easier for people to leave comments! :-)