Monday, February 23, 2015

Things I want my Daughter to Know and Remember

I'd like to say this is an original idea, but I saw it on a friend's Facebook feed and decided it was a great idea.  The following are random things I want the Pumpkin to know.  I started out planning to do 100, but I wanted the post to hit the blog before the next millenium.  Some of them I learned from other people and I will give them the credit.
  1. Remember that other people's bad behaviour/attitude is always more about them than it is about you; conversely, if you find yourself being less than kind to another person, look inside yourself for the reason why.
  2. When the choice is laugh or cry, laugh in public; cry in private. 
  3. When you remember other people, think of them at their BEST not their worst.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes.
  5. And Sunscreen.
  6. "Of all the kids in the whole entire Universe, I got the very BEST one."  Never forget that. [Renfrew and I began telling her this at bedtime when she was about 2 -- I heard Dr. Phil McGraw say he and his wife did the same thing with their sons.  I LOVED the idea - - and it is true.]
  7. Feed the cats.
  8. Watching your enthusiasm for Cosplay (not to mention your incredible talent) brings me JOY -- you are so much YOURSELF when you are creating ways to be someone (or something) else.  It's magic.
  9. My favourite Christmas memory is you hanging up the 'Santa Key' and tossing the 'Reindeer Food' out on the deck from High Prairie when you were 5 or 6.
  10. Do not have children until you could support them on your own if you had to do so. [So sayth my Mom aka Grandma Thu.]
  11. Always, always, always have a Plan "B" -- for anything you do and for your life in general. [Ted King - my high school French teacher.]
  12. Trust your gut.
  13. Take risks . . . if you fall, I will help you get up.
  14. Don't be afraid to take a 'do-over'.  I've started over many, many times.
  15. Every Dandelion you see is a "I Love You" from your Thu.
  16. Snowtires -- get them.  Do NOT take them off your car until after Mother's Day.
  17. Dreams are free.
  18. Good friends are the reward we get for being a good friend.  I know you are a friend worth gold because I see it reflected in the friends you keep close to you.
  19. Yes, your Dad is paranoid and sees boogie men around every corner . . . but only because he loves you.
  20. YOU are well on your way to slaying any boogie man who makes it past your dad.
  21. Get to know our family - - yes, we are crazy and hard to take in large groups (I realize that I grew up with the large groups. . . as an only child who lived far from family for a big part of your childhood, you did not so I GET why they are discomfiting.) but one-on-one every single person has a story that is part of yours.
  22. Life is a journey . . . take the scenic route.
  23. Never give anyone else the power to control your happiness and sense of worth.  KNOW in your bones that both of these things are YOURS and yours alone.  
  24. Shoot for the stars, if you fall a bit short there are plenty of planets and moons worth exploring.
Today is my girl-child's 17th birthday.  She is more amazing than I imagined when I held all 6 pounds 11 ounces of her in my arms that first night at the hospital.  The time has flown . . . but what lies ahead for her . . . well I can hardly wait to see where life takes her and what she discovers about not only the world, but about herself.  (February 23, 2015)