Saturday, February 23, 2013


I want to freeze this moment.  This moment with my child as I watch her step from childhood into the young woman who is already taking shape and forming inside her skin.  In 15 years she has gone from a tiny creature who would curl up on my chest and make 'girlie noises' to one who stands eye to eye with me and borrows my shoes. 

At 15 she is
curious about so much
and willing to look for her own
answers and not
simply accept.
She is a creative force
even when it seems she is
staring inertly at the screen of her laptop.
She sees the World as
a kaleoscope of beauty and
every person in it as a sparkling light . . .
our differences make us
spectacular - - she just KNOWS this.
My child
My Wonder - Full
partner in glee
My answer to a Prayer and a Wish.
Know Always you are

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