Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why is anyone surprised Whitney Houston is dead?

Please people....nothing surprising here -- shocking perhaps, but surprising no.

Whitney Houston was a woman with demons.  The demon of being a 'kid wonder' with a voice that was bigger than the world.  The demon of meeting, falling in love with and marrying a man with an impulse control problem.  Spousal abuse doesn't just happen in the poor part of town.  Whatever demon was driving her, drove her to the escape of drugs.

The stories of her trips through rehab have surfaced periodically over the last few years.  But her demons had a grip on her that wouldn't let go.

Regardless of the cause of her death, the Cause was lack of Love.  The illusion of Ego clouded her reality and she did not see that she was LOVE.  The rest . . . well it was all just details.

Now she can rest . . . her spirit, which was always pure, sweet and innocent will take the lessons from this bumpy, painful ride.

Rest in Peace, songstress.  May your next journey be an easier ride.

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